Multi-ethnic weddings

For many years we have been organizing multi-ethnic weddings in small or big style. Just a registrar wedding at the registrar’s office in Mombasa? Or a beach wedding with the registrar? We go beyond this. We organize for you the religious marriage ceremonies as per your believe. Are you a Hindu, looking for a different location, but want still all the ceremonies to be done in the right way? A Muslim looking for a Nikah ceremony or a Christian looking for his church marriage? A registrar/priest/mahraj/sheik will perform the right official international valid ceremony. We assist you with the organization, paperwork, venue, meals and other needs beyond a common beach wedding.

Detailed Itinerary

Example: Your Customized Hindu Wedding

We can help you to organize your Hindu wedding in Mombasa. Where would you like it: in a Hindu temple, in a Samaj, at the beach or what is your place of choice??

As there is not really a standard ceremony for Hindu weddings, you need to advise us on the rites your families require you to perform so we can organize it here with the Hindu priest.

These are a few examples:

  • the Mehndi ceremony for the bride
  • Lagaan Lakwa ceremony
  • the Mandva for the bride with pitty
  • the Mandva for the groom with pitty
  • Kanyadaan - the giving away of the daughter by the father
  • Panigrahana - a ritual in presence of fire, where the groom takes the bride's hand as a sign of their union
  • Saptapadi - is the most important ritual. It is called the seven step ritual, where each step corresponds to a vow the groom makes to the bride, and a vow the bride makes to the groom. The vows are pronounced in Sanskrit in long form, or a short and quicker form, sometimes also in the language of the groom and bride. At many weddings, Saptapadi is performed near a fire; and after each of the seven oaths to each other, the groom and bride perform the ritual of Agnipradakshinam - walking around the fire, with the end of their garments tied together. The groom usually leads the bride in the walk. The fire is a form of Yajna - a Vedic ritual where fire is the divine witness (to the marriage). After Saptapadi, the couple is considered to be husband and wife.

We can organize the decoration for the different functions, meals and drinks as per your menu, the Mandvar as you like it and the priest with all required items as per his list and any other you require.

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