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Maasai Customs & Life Skills

Nairobi, Maasai Mara, Mt. Longonot, Aberdares, Mt. Kenya
14 Days - price on request
Discover - in great detail - the way of life of the Maasai people, their wildlife and natural environments as well as the Great Rift Valley on your journey to Mt. Kenya. Engage in …
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Walking Wild

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
3-5 days - price on request
This is a walking safari experience in Maasai land through some of Kenya's best wildlife-viewing habitats - the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and two Maasai Community Conservation …
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Rendille Camel Walk Safari

Mt. Kenya, Samburu National Reserve, Ngurunet, Lake Turkana
12 Days From € 2,998.00
This safari takes you into the heart of Northern Kenya, where you will see beautiful mountain forests surrounded by hot dusty deserts. Starting from Samburu Game Reserve, you will …
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5 Senses

Nairobi, Great Rift Valley, Maasai Mara, Watamu
10 Days - price on request
This is a holistic holiday experience, in which we endeavor to evoke every single sense using nature as the perfect catalyst. From an afternoon with the Kibera Kids, to a walk with…
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70's Style Safari

Mombasa, Tsavo East, Amboseli National Park, Tsavo West
8 days From € 1,350.00
We give you the real safari experience, when you sit in an original 1973 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ55-32785, used for hunting safaris at that time around the Tsavo East and Tsavo …
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Horse riding in the wild

Southern Kenya (Chyulu Hills)
4 Days - price on request
Without doubt, no place on earth beats horse riding in Africa! Your heart beats while flowing past giraffes, zebras picking up speed and moving past Thompson gazelle - …
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Multi-ethnic weddings

price on request
For many years we have been organizing multi-ethnic weddings in small or big style. Just a registrar wedding at the registrar’s office in Mombasa? Or a beach wedding with the …
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Fellowship Safari

Price on request
You want to meet your fellow’s in Kenya? Please advise us to which church/organization you belong and we connect you with the right fellow’s here in Kenya. We can then create a…
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Running & Marathon Safari

This is a category for the young and young at heart. Our activities range from very mild to extremely intense. To the world Kenya is famous for athletes and we at Kisima Tours …
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Agritourism in Kenya

Nairobi, Aberdares, Samburu, Lake Naivasha, Maasai Mara
10 Days - price on request
Kenya is renowned for its world-class coffee, tea, flowers and fruit to name but a few. Imagine how special it would be to see and experience where these products that you consume …
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Mountain Bike & Horseback Safari

Maasai Mara, Mt. Kenya, Laikipia
7 Days - price on request
These are fascinating mountain bike or horseback safaris through absorbing and varied countrysides that range from mountain moorlands, rain forests, wildlife rich savannah to lush …
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Mountain Trekking & Climbing

East Africa is endowed with stunning mountains. We help you conquer the peak of your choice - no matter its altitude or your aptitude. Our expertise covers Mt. Kilimanjaro …
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Affinity & Team Building Tours

Nairobi, Mt. Kenya, Maasai Mara, Amboseli National Park
11 Days - price on request
The best team work comes from people who are working independently towards one common goal! Eco Adventures has carefully designed goal specific tours which enhance the affinity in …
A Product of Eco Adventures Ltd.
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Eco-Plus Safari

Amboseli National Park, Mt. Kenya, Great Rift Valley, Maasai Mara
12 Days From € 2,400.00
Uniquely designed safaris that provide sustainable and authentic travel experiences which educate and engage travelers in Kenya's rich culture and diverse natural beauty while …
A Product of Eco Adventures Ltd.
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Academic Study Tours

Nairobi, Rural Maasai Land, Southern Kenyan Coast
12 Days From € 1,100.00
Eco Adventures has been creating and managing customized faculty-led academic field trips since 1998. Our field study tours offer participants experiences that inspire and educate.…
A Product of Eco Adventures Ltd.
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Golfing Safari

Nairobi, Mt.Kenya, Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha
8 days From € 2,442.00
Golfing safaris are a unique way of seeing a country. With one of the greatest weathers in the world, playing golf in Kenya is a 365 days affair. A golfing visitor to Kenya has the…
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Photography Safari

Nairobi, Samburu National Reserve, Marsabit, Lake Turkana
8 days From € 1,867.00
Nothing is as captivating for a photographer as a tribes man or woman fully dressed in his/her traditional regalia. This is the reason we combine our cultural safaris with …
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Nairobi, Maasai Mara, Lake Naivasha, Mombasa
8 Days - price on request
Africa offers something for everybody. And a physical challenge is not a barrier to experiencing this rich and varied land. Our destinations and accommodations have been specially …
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Women on Wanderlust

Nairobi, Aberdares, Rift Valley, Maasai Mara, Mombasa & Coast
9 Days - price on request
Singles, a group of girlfriends, or multi-generation, this tour will WOW you. Capturing the very essence of a woman’s preferences, our 9-day itinerary traveling from Nairobi to …
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3 Ecosystems

Kakamega Forest, Mt. Elgon, Maasai Mara
9 Days From € 2,530.00
A unique and exotic journey into nature and wilderness that takes you through 3 ecosystems – Kakamega Forest Natural Reserve, a remnant of the ancient Guineo-Congolian …
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