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About Gems of Kenya

unique experiences beyond the big five

Gems of Kenya is a unique partnership of 10 Kenyan tour companies offering niche products that promise experiences beyond the classic Big Five. All tour operators fulfill international standards in the fields of sustainability, CSR and labor rights.

The Gems of Kenya product portfolio ranges from sports tourism like golf, marathons and athletics to ornithological safaris, wellness, ‘women only’ tours as well as cultural, academic and philanthropic journeys. All tours are well researched and include selected activities that lend a different allure and experience to the traditional safari and beach tourism in Kenya. These activities will satisfy the personal passion and preferences of the discerning traveler of the 21st century.

Coming together and bringing forth this new initiative is brilliant teamwork of the 10 companies supported by the Dutch CBI through its export-coaching program.

Quality Standards

CSR Policy

All companies have a CSR policy, which is transparent for the clients


All companies provide sustainable tours and offers. Measures how to achieve sustainability are documented and can be shown.


All companies strictly fight corruption. See their measures on the websites.

Fair labour practices

All companies realize fair labor practices, better than national standards.