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Welcome to Gems of Kenya - we offer unique and sustainable travel experiences in Kenya!

Our travel portfolio ranges from outdoor adventures - like mountain biking, horse riding, golfing and trekking - to agritourism, family safaris, philanthropic journeys and much more.

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Mountain Trekking & Climbing

East Africa is endowed with stunning mountains. We help you conquer the peak of your choice - no matter its altitude or your aptitude. Our expertise covers Mt. Kilimanjaro …
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Philanthropic Safari

Charitable organizations or individuals continue to be at the core of international investments in Africa. Kenya is a donor beneficiary for individuals committed to experience or …
A Product of: AsaRay Tours Ltd.
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Incentive Journeys

Kenya is a brilliant choice for business, incentive and special-interest groups. The warm climate, enchanting wildlife, inspiring scenery, remarkable history and charming cultural …
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Academic Study Tours

Eco Adventures has been creating and managing customized faculty-led academic field trips since 1998. Our field study tours offer participants experiences that inspire and educate.…
A Product of: Eco Adventures Ltd.
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Agritourism in Kenya

Kenya is renowned for its world-class coffee, tea, flowers and fruit to name but a few. Imagine how special it would be to see and experience where these products that you consume …
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Women on Wanderlust

Singles, a group of girlfriends, or multi-generation, this tour will WOW you. Capturing the very essence of a woman’s preferences, our 9-day itinerary traveling from Nairobi to …
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Photography Safari

Nothing is as captivating for a photographer as a tribes man or woman fully dressed in his/her traditional regalia. This is the reason we combine our cultural safaris with …
A Product of: Designer Tours & Travel
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Fellowship Safari

You want to meet your fellow’s in Kenya? Please advise us to which church/organization you belong and we connect you with the right fellow’s here in Kenya. We can then create a…
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Horse riding in the wild

Without doubt, no place on earth beats horse riding in Africa! Your heart beats while flowing past giraffes, zebras picking up speed and moving past Thompson gazelle - …
A Product of: Timeless Tours & Travels
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Just for Two

Kenya offers one of the most memorable experiences for a trip with your soul mate. We have very rustic areas that are quiet and less crowded offering you breathtaking views of the …
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